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Imagine if everyday you had the opportunity to share what God is doing in your life with your roommates and pray for one another.  At MCM community isn’t just lived in the school and in the local church but also in your home. Living together, sharing what God’s doing in your life, moments of quality time, eating together, praying, worshiping and studying the Word together are some of the ways you will build priceless and God-centered relationships that you will never forget.

As part at MCM, you will be sharing apartments (gender specific). Our places are located approximately 5 to 10 minutes from our Church building in Panier, one of the nicest neighborhoods of Marseille, France. Located 10 minutes from one of the most tourist spots of Marseille and near to a couple of beaches. There are a lot of places to go, activities to do, and landscapes to enjoy.


Mornings will consist of worship times, core values classes, intense yet practical teachings, guest speaker sessions … But theory isn’t enough! This is why in the afternoons we put these things into practice through serving the local church, preparing for ministry and ministering to others. It is through serving in different ministries that you will discover where your heart is.

We offer you three different focuses to prepare yourself for ministry…

Our vision is that worship becomes your lifestyle, that you grow in theology, theory and practice of praise and worship. We will give you keys to build worship times as a team but also to develop your own personal worship times. Our desire is also for you to develop your skills and creativity through communication, but also the management and leadership required to communicate effectively. You will then have all the helpful tools to organize an event from top to bottom, and to use your gifts and talents to serve God through worship.

Our vision is for evangelism to become your lifestyle, for you to experiment being a tool between the Holy Spirit’s hands and to live the reality of His power. Everyone can be a multiplier making other disciples and this is our goal for your life! This will be practiced through events, going out in pairs, in our home-groups, and during our missions trips. Jesus prayed ‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven’. The Kingdom of God has to be something you experience: salvation for our whole being. Forgiveness of sins, Healing, and freedom are visible signs that the Kingdom of God has come on earth. You are going to learn how to focus on living out this Kingdom on earth today and how to make it your priority.

Serving plays a big part in the DNA of our local Church and our vision is for you to be able to fully serve God with the different gifts and talents that He put Inside of you and for you to be able to use all this potential to serve the Church! In EPP, we always tend to multiply and we strive for excellence. The goal is then to discover all the different areas in which you can get involved with to build the Church together and to develop your abilities. So that the theory in the mornings can be applied and deepened in the afternoons.


Going deeper in relationships, laughing and praying together… this is home-group, and this is one of our main focuses in EPP. As a student, you will be able to share life through one of our home-groups.


This could be our moto as a local church and as a school. Our goal isn’t to ‘just’ be a christian, but to be followers, disciples of Christ and to make disciples. God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, the least we can do is to go! To go in the world, to spread the Gospel, and to let God manifest His power through our actions.

As a school, we will have the opportunity to go on 2 different trips. One of them will consist in going in different places to share the Gospel, to help the communities in spreading the Good News. We’ve seen extraordinary things happening during these trips, miracles, supernatural healing, people getting saved and baptized and we truly believe that God will continue to show up and manifest his power during those trips, every single year.

People who experience miracles also need to be connected to local churches. As a church we always try to develop and think forward, to find ways for people to live community in a local church. We know that there are a lot of growing churches in Europe, who are seeing people be saved and transformed, and this is why we want to learn. We want to continually learn from other churches.

This is why we also have a second trip that will consist of going from church to church in different countries to see how they see and live church, how they build community, and how we can learn from one another. It is also a great opportunity to meet incredible and gifted leaders that God has appointed and entrusted with different communities and cultures. At this point of the year, students also start to develop an interest in some particular ministry in the Church and this is a great opportunity for them to see how ministries are ‘made’ in other churches and to meet and learn from leaders who serve in their particular ministry of the local church.

These trips are also a great opportunity for the students to connect, to bond and to continue to create God-centered and priceless relationships.

De l’Autriche à l’Allemagne, d’un projet qui débute à peine à des églises déjà bien développées, ce voyage de ville en ville nous a permis de découvrir tellement d’églises, de leaders et de manières de servir Dieu et Son Église.


A typical day goes from 8:00am to 5pm. It starts with prayer and devotions with the EPP Church staff, followed by classes which typically go until 1pm. Afternoons from 2 to 5pm and Saturdays will consist of workshops or focuses and Sundays will include attending or serving in the Church meetings. Wednesdays are off.

The school year goes from Mid-September to Mid-July. In 2018-2019, the year will start on September 20th and end on July 22nd.

Yes! Students must be between 18 and 35 years old to be a part of the school. If you are older than 35 and you really wish to join the program please contact us.

Yes! Masters Commission Marseille is a bilingual program (French and English). Classes will be in both langages until December. However, we recommend that you have a good base level of French as classes will be in French exclusively from January on.

It will cost you 6 350€ (+100€ deposit), This includes 3 000€ for training, 2 700€ for housing, 500€ for trips and 150€ for application fees. You should also expect to need around 100€/month for food and other expenses.

Yes! You can either pay the total at the beginning of the school year or pay in three increments, one at the beginning of each trimester. Housing can be paid every month. Once your application has been accepted, the final balance will be owed.

Most of your afternoons will be full with workshops and focuses, but you will have some evenings available, a day off and some afternoons available. You will not be able to work full-time, however the school allows you to work part-time during these available times. If possible, we recommend you raise all the money before the beginning of the school so that you can be fully present and enjoy being a part of the program and church activities that come along during the week. We trust that whatever happens, God will provide for you to be a part of the school.

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